Heal your Gut!

Gut Health

Gut health refers to the balance of microorganisms that live in the digestive tract. Looking after the health of the gut and maintaining the right balance of these microorganisms is vital for physical and mental health, immunity, and more.

Daily Dose

It’s,SUMMER! , ✔️ on yourself for Signs of DEHYDRATION

Drinking water, oral rehydration solution (ORS) or sports drinks to replace lost fluids may help prevent dehydration. Finding a place to cool down may also help.Drinking water, oral rehydration solution (ORS) or sports drinks to replace lost fluids may help prevent dehydration. Finding a place to cool down may also help.

Daily  requirements , for Men & Women

About 15.5 cups (3.7 liters) of fluids a day for men. About 11.5 cups (2.7 liters) of fluids a day for women.

Water is the only drink for a wise man.”
Henry David Thoreau

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Eat Clean 🍎 Stay Healthy

Make Healthy Eating , a Priority of Life.

Daily Dose


A Tea for Every Mood !

Stay Positive!

Integrative Medicine


Embrace Health

Integrative Medicine is the Future of Healthcare

Integrative medicine is an approach to care that puts the patient at the center and addresses the full range of physical, emotional, mental, social, spiritual and environmental influences that affect a person’s health.


Preventive HealthCare

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Vitamins & Minerals

Hello 🌞 Shine

A human body produces vitamin D as a response to sun exposure. A person can also boost their vitamin D intake through certain foods or supplements.

|Yoga & Meditation|

🙏International   Yoga Day🙏

This year’s theme adopted by the United Nations is “Yoga for Health – Yoga at Home” due to measures taken on Ongoing Pandemic!


Yoga is all about creating a balance in your life. It is about balancing your senses, balancing your body, soul and mind in order to live healthy and live in peace.

  • Few ßenefits of Yoga :
  • ——————————–
  • Improves Flexibility. Moving and stretching in new ways will help you become more flexible, bringing a greater range of motion to tight areas. …
  • Builds Strength. …
  • Increases Muscle Tone and Definition. …
  • Improves Balance. …
  • Supports Joint Health. …
  • Prevents Back Pain. …
  • Teaches Better Breathing. …
  • Fosters Mental Calmness.
  • Reduces Stress . Increases Confidence.
"Yoga is the journey of the self...Yoga is the journey

Find ßalance between – Mind,Body & soul

mental health

•Let’s Talk•

Lost a real Star🌠

Talk | Communicate | Express | Seek Help !

#Lets Talk 
Suicide is not the answer

It’s so very Important to discuss about this sensitive topic & ways to Deal with it in these Tough times of Pandemic!

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Talking about ‘Mental Health’ can give us freedom to seek help! Find people who can relate and move towards well-being. Let’s continue the conversation about mental health. Together, we can work to stop the stigma surrounding issues many of us face!

Give yourself a break. Stop beating yourself up!. Everyone makes mistakes, has setbacks and failures. You don’t come with a book on how to get it right all the time. You will fail sometimes, not because you planned to, but simply because you’re human. Failure is a part of creating a great life.”


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